Installation, Sanding and Finishing of Engineered Oak Flooring – “Chicago” Raw Oak Finish

Our “Chicago” raw oak engineered floor is a special blend of invisible lacquers that make the floors look like they are in their raw/untreated stage.

The Client chose this particular finish for their floors in order to get an added sense of space to the property and benefit 100% from the amount of light the penthouse has to offer.

The Chicago Bespoke oak floor finish sets aside from the Natural types of finishes as it avoids the dull yellow/orange tones.

The Project consisted in the supply and installation of a pre-finished engineered oak floor in some areas of the property as well as carrying out replacements/repairs and fully Sand-down and Re-Finish other rooms where there was already another similar raw oak engineered oak floor installed.

The challenge was to Re-Finish the current existing oak floor and make it look consistent throughout the property and in line with the pre-finished engineered oak floor supplied and installed in the other areas of the property.

May, 2019
Sanding, Refurbishment, Installation