We supply, install and finish beautiful wood flooring products, in and around London.

A wooden floor is described by what you see and what you feel

Ever since we have started our flooring services in London, almost 8 years ago, we have been driven by a passion to turn the natural beauty of wood into a vaste selection of modern and traditional surface finishes and designs.


Reputable supplier for engineered and solid wood floors

Buying a new wooden floor whether it is a prefinished product or an unfinished wooden floor, we can supply it for you within reasonable wait times.  You can view a vaste selection of engineered or solid wood floors available on our sister website www.eurofloorslondon.co.uk


Floor installation services

Struggling to find an affortable and experienced wood floor fitting team ? We can help out with the floor installation services as. We can install rigid vinyl, laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring products.


Wood Floor sanding and refurbishment

Your wooden floor might require a sanding once every several years therefor feel free to grab a free quote for your flooring services needed in London and be amazed by how much you can save instead of replacing the floor entirely.


Bespoke Floor Finishes within reasonable cost

As part of our innovating efforts we have put together our very own workshop where we can finish wooden floors in catchy tones and designs. Being it an Oiled or Lacquered surface we can do for you, your very own catchy bespoke floor finish.

So What’s next?

Are You Ready? Let’s Work together!